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We are a sustainable lifestyle brand based in Lake Havasu City, AZ; our goal is to provide you with the tools needed to be successful in your own zero waste journey.

To us zero-waste is about making good conscious decisions. Its not about being perfect, it's about being better.

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I got the travel kit and think it is absolutely genius. Everything is high quality and you get a lot of products for the price. I love that I am supporting a local business who is making a positive change in the world . Would highly recommend.

Loretta: Lake Havasu, AZ

I purchased the stainless steel straws and love them! I received such great and friendly customer service. Kaylee is so passionate and has such a depth of knowledge when it comes to embracing a sustainable lifestyle. Thank you!

Emily: Denver, CO

We got a four pack and two pack of the straws with carry cases and cleaning brushes. Three for home and three for my purse. We love them. Thank you for making us more echo friendly. Fast shipping and very responsive. Cant wait to see the new products you come out with. thanks again.

Lisa, Tuscon, AZ

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