4 Big Myths of Zero Waste

The zero-waste movement has been a long time in the making, as this amazing community has been growing I hear a lot of misconceptions about zero waste, here are the top four myths when it comes to living a more zero waste lifestyle.
1.Costs too much money
I guarantee you that you will most certainly SAVE money. This misconception comes from the idea that you must get rid of every piece of plastic and buy fancy substitutes. This is FALSE. Zero waste is about using up what you already have and then (and only then) finding a sustainable alternative. Most if not all these swaps are things you can do for free or incredibly cheap. If you are spending some cash upfront consider it a one time investment, something may cost more but it will likely save you hundreds in the long run.  
  1. Takes too much time
Time is a precious thing I find myself not having quite enough of, people perceive zero waste as “just too much of a hassle” this is also a myth. It takes but five minutes to make some of these products the same amount of time you can scroll mindlessly through Facebook,and yes even a college student can do it.  Additionally, a mindset of creating less waste also goes hand in hand with minimalism, saving YOU time. For example many zero-waste products are dual purpose such as ZippNada’s shampoo & conditioner bars that take the place of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash!
shampoo bar
  1. Asking for no straw & using your own container is weird 
Nope! Suffocating the earth in a material that is used on average for 12 minutes but lasts forever is weird. Asking for no straw and bring your reusable coffee cup are what responsible humans do. Once you make it a habit, it’s just second nature! For those who are curious or find it peculiar it is a lovely conversation starter, plus most business offer discounts! Give it a try!
stainless steel straw
  1. Zero waste won't make a difference so there is no point

It's only one plastic straw, said 8 billion people. Small things add up, you may “just” be one person, but think about how the average American tosses out 90,000 pounds of trash at the end of their life, adds up huh? If you just inspire one other person and then that person inspires others around them,the change you can create! That's how change comes about, so “you not making a difference” is baloney and a big myth.

So there you have it! Four of the biggest zero waste myths. What are some commonly believed myths you thought were true? Let us know in the comments below! As always best wishes and see you next time!