Havasu Boomerang Bags

Have you gone to the store grabbed what you needed only to find that you left all your reusable bags in the car, or worse, forgot them all together? This happens to the best of us, most admit defeat, feel guilty, and just use plastic bags at check out. Then there are those of us who are more stubborn. We will pile everything in our arms or in a cart, determined to not use those pesky whales killing contraptions. What if it didn't have to be that way? 

Every second 16,000 plastic bags are used around the world, adding up to a trillion plastic bags used a year! Consider the fact that plastic bags on average are only used for 12 minutes before being tossed. Unfortunately, plastic bags will never “break down” or go away rather they break down into smaller fragments of plastic, leaching toxic chemicals into the environment. The point being: plastic bags are bad and should not be used. So what do you so when you forget your reusable bags?

What are Boomerang Bags?

You can use Boomerang Bags! Boomerang Bags are reusable cloth grocery bags made from recycled material by volunteers. This is a grassroots way of combating plastic pollution by providing a free alternative to plastic bags and engaging the community! These cloth bags receive the name Boomerang because they are borrowed and then returned the next time to the location to be used by others who needs it. Currently, Havasu Boomerang Bags are offered at Herbs Herbs Health Food Store on McCulloch Blvd. Because this is a volunteer program we completely rely on volunteers to create bags, if you enjoy this free program please get involved to keep it running!  

Boomerang Bags

How to get involved

1.Spread the word- Tell your friends, family, community groups, and clubs. Follow and share the Havasu Boomerang Bags Facebook page!

2.Volunteer- Do you like to sew or need volunteer hours? Havasu Boomerang Bags relies upon volunteers to cut and sew fabric into reusable bags for the community! Volunteers have creative freedom on size and style of bags.

Boomerang Bags

3.Host a Boomerang Bag Event - Have a group interested in volunteer work, sewing, or just an excuse to throw a party? Hosting a Boomerang Bag event is a fun and effective way to discuss plastic bag pollution, sew new bags for the location, and have fun while doing something beneficial to both the community and local environment! Contact Kaylee at zippnada@gmail.com for more information!

Let’s help keep Havasu beautiful by ending plastic bag pollution.