What is Minimalism? How to do it, and how it relates to zero-waste

Minimalism has been making a trendy topic, especially in interior design and the clean aesthetics. You have likely heard of it in relation to Kon Mari, or The Minimalist, or possibly it was the draw to extream minimalism- individuals who live with hardly any material possetions. Who ever it was
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What Is Minimalism?

There is no one "right" way to practice minimalism. There is however the basic idea that minimalism is a lifestyle that encourages one to only add things into there life that bring VALUE. Minimalism is not just owning a few tee shirts the same color, or only one boel and no furnature (although it most certainly can be) 



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My Experience & How I Now Approach Minimalism 

When I was first introduced into minimalism I was attracted to the simple aesthetic, and freedom it appeared to bring to its practcioners. I was obsessed with watching videos of how others lived simply, I purched my belongings I changed my consumeristic habits (for the better) and was left feeling... cold. In order to fit what idea I had about minimalism I wouldn't get any furniture in my first home, it looked bare, cold, and uninviting; and as a result I didn't want to spend very mush time in it. When I moved into my apartment in the woods I decided to reevaluate what minimalism meant to me and here is what I found: 

1) I really enjoy the astetic of plants, books, bones, rocks , and other oddities I find on my adventures. They bring me joy to look at, and make my home feel like home. 

2) You can still have furniture ... I don't know why I felt like I couldn't ... but I have since then purchased (or found) items that are both functional and that I absolutely LOVE- If I am not in love with it 100% I won't get it. End of story.


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How Minimalism Relates to Zero-Waste 

The absolute BEST zero-waste practice you can do is to not buy something to begin with. I found that by changing my consumer habits from "must have the latest and greatest" to understanding that the amount of stuff I have dose NOT determine how happy and fulfilled I am, only I can determine that. Additionally understanding how 


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