Ojala mindful eating: A Review

The scent of cooked veggies wafted through the air creating a mouth-watering aroma, Karla warmly greeted me directing me to take a seat as she added the final touches to the course... 

This is not a sponsored post but rather a personal review of the new (and likely first) plant based restaurant in Lake Havasu! 


I am a HUGE fan of food, I am also a huge fan of the environment and so am conscious of the impact that my food choices make and the waste I produce both when cooking at home and enjoying a meal out. living in Lake Havasu there hasn't exactly been many options for those who choose to eat vegetarian/ vegan/ organic/ plant-based let alone an entire restaurant dedicated to wholesome plant-based, mindful eating...until now! I am so proud to write that Ojala is now opaned and thriving at 2144 McCulloch Blvd N ! Karla and Chris so kindly invited me for a tasting and I can personally say that you will not be disappointed!   

zero waste

    Karla has always had a love of cooking. She finds joy in taking the time to create aesthetically pleasing food, pouring her love and vibrant energy into every dish. Inspired by her grandmother who, growing up, instilled the belief that food is a way to share love. Karla studied culinary arts before living in Spain for a month where ,during her travels, she found that eating vegetarian was made easy and most importantly was so delicious she barely noticed that some meals skipped the meat altogether! Combined with her husband's passion for gardening Ojala was born! 


At Ojala, the food is made fresh daily using locally grown ingredients. What makes this a zero-wasters dream is that the to-go boxes used are 100% compostable. Although Ojala does have bio plastics (which are ONLY “compostable” in an industrial composting facility, which Havasu does not have) I would recommend bringing and using your utensils (like these) and am hoping they will consider a change in material and know that there goals are to be a zero-waste restaurant. However, Ojala offers some AMAZING drinks in glass mason jars, and if you bring them back you get a discount! I also love the idea that I can order online and pick up a fresh homemade meal. 

I would give Ojala a ZippNada Seal of Approval, 5 star rating. Talking with Karla and Chris they use locally grown, fresh ingredients, composting, and aim to create a zero-waste "to-go" experience.  

If you enjoy incredibly tasty, healthy, plant-based food then I would highly recommend you try this innovative and trendy restaurant! What are your thoughts?



Check out Ojala's menu here