The Beginning of my Zero-Waste Journey

Most “Zero Wasters” have a defining Aha moment, an instant when everything comes into perspective and influences how you chose to live your life from then on. My moment happened my sophomore year of high school when I started to research where plastic came from and where it goes. The information I found made me sick. If the numbers alone were not alarming the photos of dead birds starved to death by stomachs full of plastic, the graphic hard to watch videos of animals entangled in nets were enough to get me to reevaluate what I buy. I have always been a lover of nature, and have found peace in the subtle sounds of wind, the cry of coyotes, or the splashing of lake waves, realizing how much damage I was doing to the very thing I wanted to protect was a horrible reality check.

Yet the more knowledge I obtained the smarter my consumer decisions became, and over the course of five years the zero waste lifestyle all became a habit and merged into who I am, the values I hold, and the change I want to see in the world. With this passion thus ZippNada was born! My brother and I have a passion to do our part and wanted to offer fellow nature enthusiast and newcomers a space to receive affordable zero waste kits. These kits offer an assortment of everything anyone would ever need (without the hassle and time) to kick start their zero-waste journey!

Likewise, education is one of the most important things in regards to plastic waste, the more you know the better. Being an outdoors person myself, I never knew the huge impact I had, and would often think to myself “well I'm not littering, I’m a good person” or “its okay I recycle” and all the sweet lies we tell ourselves to make us feel good, I knew the world had a trash problem- I was just in denial that I was part of the problem. At that point I was already having conversations (and ranting) about the plastic crisis to anyone who would listen, It wasn't until further digging and some serious reflection that pushed me to make the leap, I was going to be that hippy chick with the reusable straw. After all, how could I preach one thing while drinking out of the very plastic water bottle I am ranting against? Was the convenience of throwing away a plastic fork after the whopping five minutes I used it truly worth the impact it would forever have? I came to the conclusion it was just easier to wash the damn fork.


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