6 Realistic Ways to Conserve Water + What is World Water Day?

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It is World Water Day March 22nd and I decided to spread the word and share my REALISTIC- key world being realistic because a some of the the tips I have read...*heavy sigh* not practical. 

What is World Water Day? Why is it Important? 

World Water Day is an annual UN day that brings attention to the importance of freshwater. This is used to advocate for the sustainable management of freshwater resources and topics relevant to clean water, sanitation and hygiene.

I also want to highlight the fact that only 2.5 % of water on earth is freshwater. only 31% is accessible to use and 69% of freshwater is frozen. YEP. Most of that fresh water is frozen glaciers...basically out of that 2.5% of freshwater only 1% of freshwater is drinkable. 

Now- most of that "accessible" freshwater is stored in the ground as aqueducts. In fact groundwater makes up 40% of drinking water. 

In western countries the majority of us are fortunate enough to have access to a seemly unlimited supply of clean drinking water. Not the case for a good part of the world. One of the goals of World Water day is to highlight communities lack of access to clean reliable water. Something so many of us take for granted.



Issues We Are Facing With Freshwater Management

Although surface water (rivers, lakes, springs etc...) are an important source of drinkable water, water at the surface depends on several factors such as weather patterns and snow melts making it unreliable. Protecting and managing both underground and surface water is incredibly important to ensure safe drinking water for generations to come.  

Tips I Use To Conserve Water 

In my experience I have lived in conventional homes and two trailers (without running water)- now I live off of a well and not connected to city water. These are my PRACTICAL tips that I use to conserve water. These tips are just second nature to me and don't take up much time. 

Wash things in full loads 

Washing machines use 19 gallons of water a load- keep in mind that the average household runs between five to six loads per week. That adds up to 5,605 gallons of water every year. Now, if you have an energy saving washing machine that cuts the water consumption to fourteen gallons a load (33% less then the average washers). By making sure you put in a full load you are making use of that water! Additionally, the cleaning process actually happens with friction of the clothes against one another.

Do Less Landry 

On the Landry note- doing less of it (if you can) is a great way to save water! 

Did you know that you can actually get a couple wears out of your clothing before you need to wash it? This is exulting underwear that's just asking for problems...

Here's a chart for reference: 

When to wash clothing
Image from: Better Habits Coaching 


Invest in low flow items for showers, toilets, and sinks 

This is an investment both for mama earth and for your wallet. You can get low flow showerheads for relatively cheap ($10) or drop a couple hundred. Basically what it is are replacement features used to reduce the amount of water flowing out of the tap. Low flow items lower your water usage by breaking up the water droplets into smaller parts so that it covers more service aria by using have the amount of water. 

Ultra Low Flow Shower Head | UltraMax Shower Head | Bricor Shower Heads

Use the cold water from your shower to flush your toilet or water plants 

Okay so I just recently started implementing this tip and I have oddly really been enjoying it!

I keep a 10oz bucket in my shower and whenever I take a shower I put the shower head in the bucket and fill it with all the cold water so that water isn't wasted. I personally use it to flush my toilet but you can use it for watering plants, cleaning (moping), and some people even said they would drink it but I don't know about that...I would use it for external uses only. 

Avoid Bottled Water 

Bottled water is the biggest scam. Here are just SOME of the reasons you should ditch the plastic.

Bottled water is not better then tap, don't believe me? Check out this study. In fact, half of all bottled water is just tap water! You are just paying for marketing and the plastic bottle!

On another note, the ethics behind companies such as Nestle (the worlds largest producer of bottled water) are questionable if that. Brabeck-Letmathe CEO of Nestle stated his believes that "the idea that water is a human
right "extreme.""

Nestle drains the aquifers it controls as much as possible, without any regards to sustainable usage or environmental concerns.

 Nestlé se esfuerza por ganar el título de la más nociva comp - Taringa!

Grow Food Not Lawns 

 Alrighty. I'm going to say this louder for the people in the back: LAWNS ARE UNPRODUCTIVE. Not to mention a huge waste of water. I highly recommend checking out some of these resources I'm going to link below. But to sum it up, if your zoning will allow it and you own a home I highly recommend growing food, or planting pollinator friendly and water savvy "lawns" using native plants.


 Grow Food Not Lawns Facebook Group 

Why Our Lawns Are Bad For The Environment 

How to Put Together a Water Saving Yard

How to spend this month

 Share this blog post with others to raise awareness! 

I am a BIG believer that education is key, after all you cant fix what you don't know! So spread the message online, use your social media platforms, and create conversations with friends and family.   

Donate if you can

Here a few reputable organizations I would recommend:

 Water is Life 

 UNICEF Tap Project 


Educate yourself

A great, fun way to educate yourself is to watch water documentaries!

Blue Gold 


The Colorado River: Running Near Empty 

Take the time to implement some of the tips listed above  

 Take a moment and think about what tips you can implement to better conserve water- a benefit of this will be a lower water bill!

Check out the World Water Day Tool Kit 

You can download this FREE tool kit packed full of information 



Let me know how you decide to celebrate World Water Day!