Zero Waste Gift Guide (Both For the Eco-conscious ... and the not so much)

The holidays are upon us and with it is the stress, time, money, and guessed it... waste that comes along with it. 
Want to learn more facts about holiday waste? Check out my infographic 


In many cultures (and definitely in the U.S.) gift giving is a BIG part of the holiday festivities. In fact we managed to build an entire culture of fast paced/ relatively cheap, consumeristic goods. It is so integrated into our social construct that anything that go's against it is seen as "rude" or makes you the family Grinch. 

Don't fret.
I am not here to say "stick it to the man and don't give gifts!"
In fact I made this gift guide for two main reasons.


1) I wanted to provide you with some AFORDABLE options that are:

  • Relatively eco friendly
  • less (or no) waste on your end
  • Support other SMALL local business around the U.S. (or related organization)

2) Things that the other person would actually enjoy and use whether they are zero waste or not! (remember we can not force others into this, only lead by example and understand that everyone is on there own learn more about this see my post on How to Live With Others Who Are Not Zero Waste 

Some of these items are on our site, some are affiliate links but they are items that I highly recommend (these Items I do receive an itty bity amount of money on) and some are just personal recommendations.  


I divided this into two sections- the first are gifts for someone interested in zero waste and the other are gifts for those who are NOT interested in zero waste.

And because I am a sucker for supporting LOCAL business in my area (Lake Havasu and Kingman, Arizona) I am linking in my personal favorite places and businesses- although I highly recommend looking around your own community, you may be surprised! 


Havasu/ Kingman Business to Support   

A local all woman owned storefront on the main street of Kingman 

this space is part sustainable chic boutique, part herbal apothecary, and part locally grown floral workshop.


Ojala is a local plant based restaurant in Lake Havasu City, they offer gift cards and creates some of the most  mouthwatering plant based (and near zero waste) meals. 

zippnada zero waste



Perfect place to get adorable wood toys for children, books and more! 

the book exchange

This is an amazing studio (hammock yoga is my favorite that she offers) she dose gift cards and also has a little shop of sustainable items such as her own clothing brand, oils, potions, and more! 


Vintage fashion + décor at a reasonable price! This shop is inspired by space, minimalism, romance, & the weird. Ran by Erika Soto, who wishes to normalize secondhand treasure for gift giving! Check out her shop on Facebook or Instagram @antiquityromance she is always doing amazing themed releases and covers miscellaneous items and both women's and men's clothing. 

I also got to interview her, you can check out this badass in the video below! 


For The Earth Lover 

Of course I recommend any of our high quality, locally made (when available) affordable zero waste gear... you can browse what we have to offer here

 zero waste gifts


I am also super excited to release a zero-waste starter kit PERFECT gift for those who are starting! 

zero waste kit

 I recommend checking out my Amazon guide for zero-waste  household items you can go through the guide by clicking here or the photo below: 

 zero waste gifts


If your person is a minimalist and is extremely difficult to shop for I highly recommend donating to some of these causes in there name. This makes an amazing gift because these organizations are doing the groundwork! 

Vital Actions 

Vital Actions is a grassroots U.S. registered non-profit with campaign sites currently in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Mexico, and the United States.

Since 2012 Vital Action has:

  • removed over 9,000 sacks of plastic debris (roughly 120,000 kilos) from sensitive coastal habitats.
  • In the past 2.5 years we have released over 35,000 hatchlings from 3 endangered sea turtle species.
  • Provide healthy, vegan food and other ongoing support to communities in need.
  • Strategically planted 100s of endangered hardwood trees.
  • Enacted 100s of hours of anti-poaching and anti-illegal logging patrols in vulnerable nature reserves. We have enacted environmental education and outreach programs. 

You can contribute for as little as $2 (this saves a dozen sea turtle eggs) $10 plants five trees!

Vital Actions
I did an interview with the founder, you can view the full interview below 




non profit 501(c)(3) tax exempt public benefit organization.  ​

 mission is to help reduce plastic pollution in low income communities of Los Angeles. They build PRECIOUS PLASTIC machines by Dave Hakkens.

 1 Plastic Life is in the process of becoming a certified Community Service Recycling Program which will provide opportunities to make a difference in helping to improve the environment and quality of life of the residents of low income communities in Los Angeles.  Our organization represents an exciting venture with unlimited possibilities. Here are some key goals: 

● Communicate the importance/value of recycling plastic in Los Angeles  

● Provide more/easier opportunities to recycle plastic through designated containers in multiple locations throughout low income communities in Los Angeles. 

● Create jobs for people not able to return to a mainstream work environment

 ● Provide an opportunity for people who are required to complete community service to turn in recyclable plastic 


I have done an interview with the founder on our YouTube channel you can view the full video below:


For The Non-Zero-Waster

For people who don't get as excited about receiving metal straws and the likes, I recommend gifting:

  •  Experiences (movie tickets, gift cards to local shops, gift baskets with thrifted finds related to that person)
  • Locally made goodies (cookies, chocolates, local coffee, other baked goods)
  • DIY gift baskets (you can thrift some amazing goodies and letteral baskets...) 
  • Ask what they actually need ( a baby sitter for a date night, help with bills, or an item they really want but just haven't gotten yet)
  • Subscriptions (my example of this is I got my brother a subscription to Costco, but some other ideas are, skill share, or audible)
  • Second hand gifts from Antiquity Romance (checkout my description of that above!)