Zero-Waste Valentine Ideas (for others & yourself)

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Ah Valentine's Day...a day designated to buy manufactured goods in order to prove your love and affection. Some not-so-fun facts: $1.7 billion is spent on candy and $2.1 billion will be spent on flowers alone. Shopping is a big chunk of the waste that happens on Valentine’s Day but it most certainly doesn’t have to be this way! 

This February 14th I am going to share some non-wasteful, none tacky, none break- the- bank ways to show you care, because whether we admit it or not having a day to be appreciated... is nice! 

Also want to say that Valentines Day doesn't have to be only for romantic love! You can celebrate friends, family, mama earth, and even yourself!  


 zero waste

You don't have to give gifts, but if you are feeling giving here are 5 gifts that can be given to anyone!

Potted Plants 

Something about receiving something green and pretty is just awesome. Better yet  unlike cut flowers, giving a potted plant will live on! (You can give succulents, cacti, and ferns, to men if they don't want blooms).

Bulk Treats & Candies 

 Due to COVID19 restrictions this will vary by location and access- I highly recommend looking at local health food shops and smaller grocery stores as these I have found still have bulk goods whereas larger chain stores have closed off their bulk goods. BUT if you do have access to this I recommend dried fruit, chocolate covered nuts, chocolate malt balls (my favorite!), gummy's and any other  sweets you can find! 

Homemade Cards 

Who doesn't get excited about getting a little love note!? You can still write notes of appreciation for friends and family as well! What makes this REALLY sweet is to hand make a card. My personal favorite way is to make collages from magazines or to make my own paper out of paper scraps! 

Local Cut Flowers 

Again this will depend on your location, but if you have a flower grower nearby ask if you can pay to create a flower arrangement and then wrap it in paper as opposed to the cut flowers in plastic in the grocery store. 

Give Your Time 

Believe it or not this means so much to people (and is the BEST zero-waste gift)! At the end of the day our loved ones just want to spend quality time with us. 

  • Make dinner for your significant other (or host a dinner party for friends and family!)
  • Do a picnic/beach/ mountain hike day (basically get outside!)
  • Do a movie night theater style 
  • Go for a walk
  • Go to an activity they have wanted to go do (dance class, show etc..). This again will depend on location.

Self Love 


 Not feeling or not able to celebrate with others? Here are some of my favorite zero-waste tips for self loooooove.

  • Practice Gratitude 

Take a few moments to write down three things you're grateful for, it can be as fancy or as simple as you want it to be. 

  • Brew yourself a cup of tea (or coffee)

There are many delicious loose leaf teas and coffees- I enjoy preparing a warm beverage and doing it as a ritual, light some beeswax candles, dim the lights and lessen to my favorite chill playlist.

  • Draw a Bath 

you can make or buy some relaxing bath soaks- my favorite is goat milk soak from a local business, you can even buy (or make) locally made unpackaged bath bombs to give your bath some extra pow! 

  • Face Mask & Self Massage 

Bust out your most lived face mask (mine is a DIY turmeric powder and bentonite clay). I also recommend using an oil such as coconut, olive oil or any other natural oil and give yourself a massage (best is right after a shower or bath when the skin is still wet).

  • Watch a funny movie or interesting documentary 

Sometimes self care doesn't need to be so fancy- sometime all it takes is some bulk candy and a good movie #selfcare.


What are some of your traditions to show the ones you love you care?