About Us - The people behind ZippNada (pronounced Zip Nada)

Our Mission to You

We aim to provide you the tools, information, and inspiration to shift into a more sustainable lifestyle at an affordable price without the hassle.

Our Products

We source our products from small business and brands that care to make the world a better place. We support local business when possible and use 100% recycled materials for shipping, because nothing is more annoying when you buy plastic free items that come wrapped in plastic.      

Our Mission to the planet

Our goal is to inspire and motivate as many individuals as possible to be more conscious of their environmental impact. We support local and global efforts in attaining this objective in addition to contributing to conservation efforts of natural resources.

About our Founder

ZippNada is founded by Kaylee Baker , with a passion to make the world a little bit better of a place. Kaylee has been living a Zero-Waste lifestyle for seven + years and has made it her mission in life to inspire and help others with this shift. She has studied sustainable business practices at Arizona State University, has given speeches and workshops on Sustainability, and has created programs in her hometown to aid in cutting back on the use of plastic bags.