list of resources to help you along your zero waste journey!



TerraCycle is a private U.S. recycling business headquartered in Trenton, New Jersey. It runs a volunteer-based curbside collection program to collect non-recyclable pre-consumer and post-consumer waste, and then partners with corporate donors to turn it into raw material to be used in new products


Glass Packaging Institute

North American trade association for the glass container industry, headquartered in Arlington, Virginia. Advocate for job preservation and industry standards, and promote sound energy, environmental, and recycling policies. They provide information on glass recycling

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Recycle Bank 

Based in New York City, Recycle Bank aims to encourage recycling and environmentally-friendly habits by bring together people, businesses, and communities to achieve real world impact by participating in household recycling and teaching how to live more sustainable lifestyles by rewards for taking everyday green actions with discounts and deals from local and national businesses.




The Freecycle Network is a nonprofit organization registered in Arizona and as a charity in the United Kingdom. TFN coordinates a worldwide network of "gifting" groups to divert reusable goods from landfills.


Bureau of international Recycling

global recycling industry association representing more than 700 companies from the private sector and 40 national trade federations from 70 different countries.


Carpet America Recovery Effort

 Joint industry-government non-profit organization whose mission is to develop market-based solutions for recovering value from discarded carpet. 



Strategic Materials 

Converts recyclable materials into valuable products such as fiberglass insulation, food and beverage containers, reflective materials, and other consumer and industrial products.This helps industrial manufacturers increase operational efficiency.




Fort Rock Farms

A 50-acre ranch in Northern Arizona ran by a small collective of families with shared values. Animal husbandry, earth care, soil building and water conservation directed by permaculture principles; which is working with, rather than against, nature.

Fort Rock Farms

Triple Farms

Small family owned local farm stand that specialize in fresh picked and heirloom varieties. Located in Needles