Zero Waste Bedroom Swaps

Here is my list of Bedroom zero waste swaps!

Remember: Not everyone can do everything, but everyone can do something. Take it in baby steps, use what you have first, and know that these recommended alternatives are just tools for convenience- you don't NEED to purchase these item to be zero-waste.

If you feel so inclined to purchase any of the recommended items on this page, I do receive a small commission, this makes it so I am able to keep providing free content and education. Everything I recommend I have done extensive research, personally use, or have tried at one point.  

Conventional lighting–> LED Lights 

Did you know that by changing just your light bulbs you could save 25 – 80% energy?

Polyester Bed Sets –> Sustainable Cotton 

Beading is made with an unsustainable cotton/ polyester (aka plastic) blend. This uses a TON of  resources to make, in addition to every time you wash your bedding micro plastic fibers run off into our water stream and into the oceans. When its time to upgrade your bedding there are now a good few companies to chose from and materials such as bamboo or eucaleptics- however after doing a lot of research I have found Alterra Pure to check all the right boxes and here's why in a nut shell:


1) They have the right certifications

zero waste certifications

2) They are transparent- you can view there transparency/ about page here 

3) Certified organic cotton ( they use sustainable practices in all aspects) 

4) They are relatively affordable- yes they can be a bit of an investment, but compared to other brands they are at an affordable price point. 

(Also note that this particular recommendation is NOT sponsored, this is strictly my opinion through comparing other "sustainable" brands)  

zero waste bed


Conventional Mattress–> Sustainably Made Mattress 

This is an affordable high quality mattress is handmade right here in the United States, it is 100% GOTS organic certified cotton & wool, 100% GOLS certified organic latex and for my vegan friends they offer a 100% Vegan Certified mattresses. Also comes wit a 100-night trial and a 25-year warranty. I like that not only the materials are natural but they are Greenguard Gold Certified meaning they meet the world's most rigorous and comprehensive standards for low chemical emissions.  

They also provides environmental scholarships for college students, gives back to environmental and social nonprofits, and offsets 100% of its carbon emissions.

(Also note that this particular recommendation is NOT sponsored, this is strictly my opinion through comparing other "sustainable" brands) 


New Furniture–> Thrifted/ Antique Furniture

Check out your local second hand stores for some cool finds! Purchasing second hand furniture as rather than  to buying new. 

Not so fun fact: China is causing deforestation in Africa to produce cheap furniture. When it is incredibly cheap it is not well made and someone is paying for it (i.e. nature and slave labor). 

Conventional Candles –> Bees Wax Candles 

If you are a candle enthusiast I HIGHLY recommend swapping fancy smelly candles for bees wax and here is why:

scents candles are plastic based and are detrimental to your health while bees wax candles are naturally made and do not contaminate the air you breath ( you can add essential oils for scents as well). 

 I recommend buying local whenever possible but if you don't have access here are two I recommend the one linked above and this one in a glass jar 


 bees wax candle zero waste bees wax

 Zero waste travel swaps