Zero Waste Office/ School Swaps

Here is my list of office/ school supply swaps!

Remember: Not everyone can do everything, but everyone can do something. Take it in baby steps, use what you have first, and know that these recommended alternatives are just tools for convenience- you don't NEED to purchase these item to be zero-waste.

If you feel so inclined to purchase any of the recommended items on this page, I do receive a small commission, this makes it so I am able to keep providing free content and education. Everything I recommend I have done extensive research, personally use, or have tried at one point.


 Disposable Plastic Pens  –> Reusable fountain Pen 

As of a 2019 study Americans toss 1.6 billion disposable pens annually. These plastic pens end up in landfills or as litter. Swap the disposable for a reusable fountain pen (I absolutely LOVE mine, it glides so smoothly) 

zero waste pen


Mechanical/Wood pencils-> recycled pencils/ pencils with seeds

These are great swaps because they don't uses anymore "raw-materials" these items are made from recycled materials and/or give life back which I find incredible! 

zero waste school supplies zero waste school


Eraser -> Latex Free Eraser 

Most erasers are made from either synthetic rubber or vinyl. Synthetic rubber is derived from petroleum (aka plastic).

zero waste eraser

Notebooks  -> Decomposition Books 

Obviously the BEST way would be to take down notes electronically to save paper. However some people (like me) just don't work that way and need that physicality. These are a better alternative (plus they come in SO many stunning prints to pick from). They are made in the U.S.A. from recycled paper and soy inks! 

zero waste notebook

Folders  -> Recycled Folders 

If you already have those cheep plastic folders keep and use them until no end- however if you need to purchase some rather then go for those consider recycled materials! (you can also look at your thrift store and see if you can find second hand plastic folders 



Tape  -> Paper Tape 

Gummed paper tape is biodegradable and 100% recyclable compared to standered tape that is plastic.


zero waste tape


Scissors -> Metal Scissors 

Most scissors are made with a plastic hand grip (which is unnecessary waste) swapping that for 100% stainless steel scissors. 

zero waste school

Ruler -> Metal Ruler 



Binders   -> Recycles Binders

zero waste cleaning