Zero Waste Travel Swaps

Here is my list of Travel swaps!

Remember: Not everyone can do everything, but everyone can do something. Take it in baby steps, use what you have first, and know that these recommended alternatives are just tools for convenience- you don't NEED to purchase these item to be zero-waste.

If you feel so inclined to purchase any of the recommended items on this page, I do receive a small commission, this makes it so I am able to keep providing free content and education. Everything I recommend I have done extensive research, personally use, or have tried at one point.

zero waste travel swaps

Plastic cutlery –> Reusable To-Go Cutlery Set  

 When you are on the go keeping utensils in your bag can help reduce the use of single-use cutlery.

Here are a few options:

1) You can toss some stainless steel uncles warped in a napkin in your bag, this is a free swap you can do

2) These handy compact bamboo utensil  set linked above  (this is my favorite  and what I personalty carry with me). Plus you can slide your reusable straw in there

3) This travel kit has all the utensils and straws you need - it is a bit bigger but if you have a family, are sharing, or want a bit more room this is the way to go.

4) Metal Spork  this is great if you want one item. 

zero waste gear

Plastic straw –> Reusable straws

Straws are by no means a necessity, and the average person and live with out them (this is a different story to those who live with disabilities where a straws is beneficial and helpful). 

However some people have the preference of using them, and they can be helpful for smoothies, shakes, and the likes... so linked above are a few of my favorite options.

metal straw  


Plastic water bottle –> Reusable water bottle 

This is one small step that can make a BIG difference. Bottled water is proven to not be any safer then tap/ filtered water (assuming you live in a location where you have access to clean drinking water), in fact, if anything it is a scam bottled water is a thousand times more expensive than tap water. The price of getting water in a plastic bottle is  $288 per year! Not only will cutting out plastic water bottles help your environmental impact but it will also save you money. 


Consider it an investment to get a water filter and a trusty reusable water bottle here are a few I recommend depending on material preference :   


Disposable To-Go cup –> Reusable mug

contrary to what others may think, single-use coffee cups are lined with plastic polyethylene, which makes them waterproof. So even though we call it a paper coffee cup in reality is is just plastic. These cups are not able to be recycled or composted so they are doomed to forever rot in our landfills. 

Swap the to-go coffee cup for a reusable mug/ thermal .

travel mug


Disposable To-Go containers –> Reusable To-Go container

Rather then using single use Styrofoam  containers, keep a reusable container handy for leftovers. 

  • durable
  • long-lasting
  • non-toxic
  • less wasteful
  • 100% recyclable (stainless steel can be recycled endlessly!)
  • less expensive over time

food box zero waste

zero waste school swaps