Zero-Waste Travel Kit
Zero-Waste Travel Kit
Zero-Waste Travel Kit
ZippNada Zero-waste Kit out of bag
Picture Carrying a ZippNada Zero Waste Kit

Zero-Waste Travel Kit

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This travel kit includes 
  • 2 stainless steel straws
  • 1 straw cleaner
  • 1 12 -ounce water cup that doubles as a food container
  • 1 cloth napkin
  • one bamboo utensil set with chopsticks, fork, knife, and spoon
  • Everything fits inside a 6in x 9in canvas bag

-Two stainless steel straws- Ultra-durable, won't rust, crack, shatter or become scratched making them ideal for travel. Straws are dishwasher safe non-toxic and are easily cleaned with our flexible wire brush made to fully clean the inside of each straw. 8.8inches long from top to bottom.

- Straw cleaner- made from food grade stainless steel and nylon bristles our straw cleaner is soft and washes clean every time for reuse, cleans any small area. 8.12 inches long

-Water/ food cup- This 12-ounce glass cup has a classic mason jar look. Our drinking glass is versatile for both liquids such as soda, water, smoothies, mixed drink and the likes or to be used as a food container for ice cream, snack, small take away meals, or festival food. The crystal-clear design provides visibility so you can display that adorable green drink or to just simply remember what leftovers you brought home.

-cloth napkin- this dark blue napkin is stain resistant with hemmed edges and durability making them reusable

-Bamboo utensil set- this beautiful lightweight and durable set comes with chopsticks, fork, knife, and spoon that won't stain or absorb flavors. Sustainably sourced materials, reusable, portable and enclosed in a utensil holder that gives life to one plastic water bottle previously destined for the landfills.

-6in x 9in canvas bag- this bag is small, lightweight, and has a zippered closure and has the zippNada logo making it perfect for compact traveling on the go.